Price vs Value

Points to Ponder: June 7, 2018
Price is for the other whereas value is intrinsic. Price depends on the factors of demand and supply while  real worth depends on the quality of the thing or the substance. We have heard these terms only in connection with things until now. Today we will try to explore whether these terms can be understood in the context of human beings. A human being consists of the humus and the being. There is the body that is material and the being which is pure energy. Then there is that which I acquire through the body viz. money.
What makes me valuable? Does a beautiful body make me valuable? Does beauty ensure that I feel worthy and full inside? Had it been so, all the movie stars would be highly contented people. Does position and money make me valuable? Had it been so, all the rich people in the world would have been happy and contented. Then what makes me valuable? What gives me self worth? Self worth comes from understanding, appreciating and coming into action in accordance with the fact that I am a pure being and I am valuable. It comes with educating myself about my inner world and its richness. When I begin to understand that I am pure and perform karma from that consciousness, such karma makes me valuable. When I understand that it is against my pure state to have impure thoughts about others and thoughts of self doubt for the self, I only think, speak and act with pure energy. In such a state, the karma performed is pure karma. A worthy soul is a soul who has accumulated the credit of sustained good karma.
We have always thought when we are valuable, others value us so only when others value us, it is a sign that we are valuable. But actually when we value ourselves, we become valuable intrinsically as well as for others. An attractive body or a lot of money can bring me a high price tag and appreciation, regard and applause from others as they can only see the price tag and not the worthy being inside. It can also bring me temporary happiness but not lasting inner happiness and contentment. It only leaves me eventually worrying about my price and fretting about my comparative position.  Let us reflect on this today and try to value value over price.

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