The Journey From Dependence to Independence

Points to Ponder: June 12, 2018
All journeys start in the mind. Today we shall perform the journey from dependence to independence. This journey starts from the point of dependence and proceeds to independence. Let me discern my present state. It is a state of dependence. The dependence that we are talking about here is emotional dependence. I am at a point in my spiritual trajectory where I depend on people, places, things and circumstances to feel the way I feel. My feelings are dictated by the state of my health, relationships, environment and situations. My state of mind is a slave of these externalities. Now let us make a mental journey from such a state of dependence to a state of self dependence.
Einstein had said that “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions”. So let me today imagine a state of being where my mind is capable of choosing its state independent of the state of things outside. Let me imagine a scene where despite someone or something not behaving in the manner I want it to, I am able to be happy and peaceful. Let me try it out in my mind. Let me tell myself that I have the power to do so. Let me tell myself that it is only of benefit to do so. Let me talk to myself and understand that my feelings are all that matter. It is up to me to interpret a situation or a behavior to my advantage. Let me understand that interpreting it in a way that makes me stay calm and peaceful is not foolish, it is rather wise. Let me understand how frivolous it is to disturb my mind in response to someone else’s behavior and situation. Let me understand that each one is entitled to their opinion. Let me also understand that every scene in this play called life is as it is supposed to be but let me not forget that I am entitled to choose my feelings. Let me just create a scene in my mind and also create my response to that scene. As I do so, I create the preview of a future where I am in charge of my thoughts and feelings. As I do so, I am training my mind in the art of thinking and feeling. The world of the future is a world of self sovereignty. It is world where I am the master of my environment. Let me lay the foundation of that world in my imagination and as I do so, I create it in reality.

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