Stop seeking blessings from the other, start earning them in your own right…

Points to Ponder: June 13, 2018
Sometimes people search for great souls and go to them seeking blessings. And yes the capacity to bless someone is a great capacity of a human being. Souls who have made an effort to increase their potential peace, love, purity, bliss and power are special and where they live, they create an atmosphere of lightness, love, care and nourishment. A seeker always tends to associate himself with such a soul and such a benign atmosphere to uplift himself. This seeking and bestowing is a culture that we are very much aware of.
Today, however, I would like to discuss a different aspect which is earning blessings. Every soul, however depleted and estranged from its essence of peace, love, purity, power and bliss, still embodies, albeit latently, the potential to bless oneself as well as the other. I, myself as well as each and every soul around me has the capacity to bless. But such a capacity is shrouded under the covers of weak beliefs and memories. It lies dormant. But I have the capacity to activate the gracious self of the other through my deeds. I have the capacity to earn blessings even from the ones who may not have an obvious plan to bless me. Let us today explore some such ways in which I can earn blessings from the other.
1) Leading a life of discipline earns blessings. Even if I do not facilitate the life of the other, it is just enough if I lead my life in a disciplined way. I need not be overt or boastful about it, it must come naturally to me. If I understand that this is my way of living and I lead a life of discipline, waking up in time, meditating, exercising, eating the right kind of food, thinking pure thoughts, speaking the right words, doing what I should, abstaining from what I should not and feel comfortable in my own skin, I give life goals to the other. I may or may not find out, they may or may not acknowledge but every soul has an innate affinity for discipline and I earn blessing by just following the voice of discipline.
2) Selfless and genuine care for the other earns blessings. When I am invested in someone’s well being, when I genuinely care and hope for someone’s welfare, I earn blessings. Honest feelings of love and care never go unrequited. But I must take care to keep my heart clean and free from expectations. Care, compassion and love flows from a heart that is clean. And such a flow ensures a return flow of blessings.
3) Giving regard to the other earns blessings. If I can ensure feelings of respect for the other, feelings of complete acceptance for who they are, their, thoughts, words and acts, I earn blessings. I may or may not agree with them, I may or may not tow their line but if I can just give them full permission to be who they are and do not resist their acts either in thought, word or action. Such deep regard earns regard and blessings.

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