Why go thoughtless when your thoughts can create magic…

Points to Ponder: June 14, 2018
We wake up everyday, cook, eat, go to work, engage in some entertainment, look after people and are looked after by them. All this is going on. It sometimes does not even need any planning anymore. It is already in the automated mode. But we still invest so much of our time, thoughts and attention on it. Why? Because we do not know where else to focus it on. Our mind has immense creative energy. It needs to be channelized. Our power of attention, reflection, contemplation are all there with us. We are brooding over unnecessary matters day in and day out. We know it is unnecessary. We know thinking about the past cannot change it. We know discussing and thinking about people and situations and their deplorable state is not helping it in any way. But we have kind of accepted it as our moral duty to at least think, brood and fret about things that we do not intend to do anything else about. And it is all because these capacities of reflection, contemplation and creative thinking are lying idle. What is the way out?
The way out is substitution. We need to substitute our waste thoughts with creative ones, our negative thoughts with positive ones. Going thoughtless is neither necessary nor worthwhile. Why stop thinking when thoughts are so powerful. Thoughts have the power to create desired reality. Why go thoughtless if I can use my thoughts to create beauty, peace, happiness, purity, bliss and power. Why go thoughtless when I can use my thoughts to create new feelings, actions, habits and personality. Why go thoughtless when my thoughts can create magic. I do not need to go thoughtless. Then what do I need to do. I need to collect my mind from everywhere it is scattered write now and direct it to consciously think positive, powerful and purposeful thoughts. I need to concentrate it not on emptiness but on a world of beauty, peace, love, bliss and happiness. I just need to use my powers of creativity to think about and believe in a world of peace, happiness and prosperity. I need to use my thoughts to reaffirm my belief in my power to create such a world. I need to focus my attention on aligning my thoughts with my words and actions. And as I do so, I become the master creator of Paradise.

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