Accumulating Credits In Our Love Bank

Points to Ponder: June 22, 2018
I recently came across the concept of time banking where services rendered to the other are measured in terms of time dollars and requited when required in accordance with the amount of time dollars one has to his credit. I found this concept quite interesting and it set me thinking about love banking.  Whether we are aware or not, each of us has a love bank account. The only difference is that the government manages the time bank account whereas the universe manages our love bank account. Whenever we think, speak or act out of love, we add credits to our love bank account and the universe is committed to ensure an equal flow of love back to us. If my flow of love is incessant, so is the flow of love back to me. Love is the elixir of life. Life is nurtured by the energy of love, barren hearts are nourished and broken hearts healed with love. The gush of love has the power to enliven dry hearts and add spirit and color to life but it all depends on how much of love do we send out into the universe.
To answer this, let us first understand what blocks our energy of love? Love is blocked by the feeling of “Us and Them”. Whenever I identify with my physical, social, religious, national, professional or other identities, it creates a sense of divisiveness. There is a general sense of disrespect for someone who is not like us. Love, on the other hand is a feeling of complete acceptance and respect for who the other is. We need to understand and remember that essentially we are all souls, children of God and similar in form and quality. However, as we accumulate a lot of traits along this journey of birth and death, we tend to be different from each other. When we see the physical, social, religious, national, professional identities, we are prejudiced in favour of our own context and against the other. In such a moment, love gets blocked. When I am loveful, I am the first one to receive the love I create and also the one to receive the return love of the other. However, this entire circle of love is obstructed by this feeling of “Us and Them”. This in turn, lowers my credit in the love bank. Regularly re invoking my awareness that we are all souls on a journey, united in spirit and divided only by our journey, ensures an incessant flow of love and a corresponding love of return love.

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