Knowledge Is the Source of Income

Points to Ponder: 25th June, 2018
Knowledge is the source of income. We need an income to sustain ourselves. We understand the importance of an income and hence always try to educate ourselves, add skills and specialties, train ourselves, so that we can earn a better income. Education, skills and training add to our qualifications and helps us earn a better income. But we need to seriously think about whether material income is enough? Does material income ensure well being? Does it guarantee a happy, healthy and peaceful life? A slight reflection would reveal that it doesn’t. To ensure a life of fulfillment, one needs not just money and financial wealth but also the income of blessings and good karma. It is simply because of the lack of the wealth of blessings and stock of good karma that even with a lot of money at our disposal, happiness and peace remains a far cry. The stock of blessings, good karma and spiritual powers may collectively be called spiritual wealth and spiritual wealth is accumulated with sustained spiritual income.
Just like knowledge and worldly education is the foundation of material income, spiritual education is the foundation of spiritual wealth. In the world out there, there are people who labour really hard and earn just a meager income because of the lack of education and on the other hand, there are people who work very less and earn a huge income because of their education. Similarly, a person who has spiritual knowledge, knows the truth. He has the ability to distinguish between negative, wasteful and productive karma. He uses his mind, time, energy, wealth, words, actions to create productive karma. This education helps him to accumulate spiritual wealth, not just enough to pay off his past debts but also enough to ensure lasting peace and happiness in future.

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