I am peace…I have anger

Points to Ponder: June 26, 2018

We have discussed in our earlier write ups that the problem is not what is out there. It is commonly thought that people, places, things and situations are the problem. The fact that they are a certain way which is not in keeping with my preference is the problem. But now we have started to understand that they are not the problem. Now we have understood that it is what lies within, my attachment, my greed, my ego, anger, lust or the tendency to criticise, compare, be afraid or be jealous that I hold within is the problem. But yesterday I was thinking that at this point of time, it is rare to find a person who has no trace of lust, ego, anger, greed, attachment, fear or other vices within. And are these vices the problem or is it something more than that? What I have come to realise is that it is not the vices but my identification with them which is the problem. Let us consider two statements:

1) I am peace… I have anger

2) I am angry

In the first statement I acknowledge that I have anger but I am not one with it. I may or may not identify with it. I may see it as a temporary spiritual disease which needs to be worked through. I understand that it is there and it is causing discomfort and it has to be treated. I may seek help from people who are on the path of working through it and attempt to ameliorate and eventually eliminate is through patience and sustained effort. I do not disown it, I do not resist it. I acknowledge it but don’t identify with it.

In the second statement, I am one with my anger. I consider it to be an inseparable part of me. It is part of my identity and defines me. I have accepted that I cannot separate it from me.

In both the cases, the way I think about my vices determines my response to them. In the first case I make attempts to restore my peace and in the second case, I defend my anger. In this war within, only the one I take sides with wins. If I side with peace, then anger fails.

In Spiritual Service

Brahma Kumaris

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