Feeling Adequate Always

Points to Ponder: June 28, 2018
Yesterday we were trying to identify the roots of feelings of inadequacy and we understood that it is the lack of spiritual strength that lies at the core of such feelings. Now what is spiritual strength? Let us understand this by drawing a parallel to physical strength. The signs of physical strength are being able to use the body according to one’s will. Also, a physically strong person is flexible. He is also less susceptible to diseases and change in external environment and even if he gets affected at some point of time, the ability to recover fast and spring back are huge. Accordingly, spiritual strength is the capacity of the soul to remain anchored in peace and happiness, come what may. It is the capacity to think and feel independent of the surroundings. It is the unique ability to feel as one chooses to despite receiving constant messages from people, situations and the environment that are designed to make them feel otherwise. Resilience is also a great feature of a powerful soul.
What we need to take note of is that right now the soul is not in its best state of health, it is rather depleted because of the long journey we have had. Hence, what we stated above is where we want to reach spiritually. But there is a method to it. Just like when someone is physically unhealthy, there is a method to restore health. That method usually involves two things- diet and exercise. Diet also includes two aspects-eating what one should and also refraining from what one shouldn’t. I, the soul feed on thoughts. Thoughts have their source in the messages we get through what we see, hear, read etc. Thoughts also arise from our memory which is full of past experiences.
What we have to understand that all the messages that we usually get these days whether through media or through people who feed on media, are all designed to make us feel inadequate. They are designed to make us feel afraid, insecure, inept, inadequate etc. because such people become great consumers. The media is trying to drive us into making desperate attempts to fill ourselves by acquiring every single product and service that is available. So first we have to stop taking in these messages. And rather look out for the other kind of messages. We need to look for messages that tell us you are enough for yourself, that tell you that you can ensure your well being, both present and future if you just take care of your present karma. Messages that tell us that your opinion of yourself matters more than anyone’s opinion of you and that you should ensure to think thoughts, speak words and perform actions that make you proud in your own eyes rather than those that intend to impress others. We will continue this tomorrow.

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