The Illusory World of Ego

Points to Ponder: July 5, 2018
Ego creates false belief. It shrouds the truth. Sometimes it makes us doubt that which is obviously possible. Sometimes it makes us believe in something that is completely impossible. Ego wastes our energy by misdirecting it. Humility dies under the weight of ego. Ego blurs the line between what is in our control and what has to be accepted with surrender. Let us take an example. I am the trustee of my body. Caring for my body is my duty but whenever something goes wrong with my health, I need to accept it with humility and continue to care and nurture my body. I need to believe that there is no injustice in the universe. God teaches us that I am a soul with a body. I have the power to stay peaceful and happy despite physical ailment. I have to have faith in God’s teachings and realise my power within. I do not need to question what is happening because the law says there is no smoke without fire. Ego will make me forget that it is still in my control to stay happy. Ego will drive me into questioning why something is happening to me. But I need to stay in awareness and not be deceived by ego.
Ego makes us oblivious of the truth about God and the laws of the universe. It makes us forget that there is karma, God and the laws. I must do what I need to. But that doing has to be with surrender to God and the laws. Sometimes we talk about surrender versus action. People ask me if they should lead a life of surrender or of action. But what we don’t understand is action has to be done in a surrendered state and in keeping with the laws. Action done in ego creates vikarma. Karma has to be done. Even not doing anything is karma as it involves thoughts of inaction. But when we act with ego, and forget that one has to abide by the laws and the teachings of God, our very action becomes our enemy.

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