Dare to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Points to Ponder: July 13, 2018
We all have our comfort zone. It consists of a limited assortment of behaviours and situations that are suited to my conditioning. We have physical, mental, emotional, social, religious, political and other conditioning. It is a product of our journey on this planet where we have been in different places and with different people and operated in several physical, mental, emotional, social, religious, political contexts that have shaped my present conditioning. My conditioning defines my comfort zone. Anything that is outside my comfort zone looks like a challenge to me. My comfort zone is almost like an inner prison, designed by time but now preserved by me. I experience feelings of comfort inside the prison of comfort zone. I am so used to this feeling of comfort that I do not entertain any threat to it. I am afraid to lose my comfort. I fear everything and everyone who upsets my comfort zone.
However, I remain oblivious to the world that lies outside my comfort zone. That world is a beautiful world. That world does not know fear. It is a place of happiness of an eternal kind. It is full of serenity and inner peace. That world is a world where I am not imprisoned. I identify with everyone and everything. There is a feeling of universal belonging, irrespective of diversity of context. However, the path to that world starts with discomfort. I must leave my comfort zone to step into that unlimited space. That involves discomfort. I must embrace discomfort. I must embrace people and situations that make me uncomfortable. I must move with faith. I must deal with discomfort with the power of faith. I have seen people who have made that journey. I have seen people who dared to step out of their comfort zone and are in bliss. I must also dare.

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