Watch What You Watch

Points to Ponder: July 16, 2018
This world is the canvas of the creative. The creative people are shaping the world. Any creation, whether it is a creative expression in print or any audio or visual or audio visual expression of a creative mind has a way of finding its way into the mind of the masses. Watching, listening to and reading the creation is like aligning your mind with the creator. What we align our mind with will shaping our thought process, feelings, emotions, action, belief systems and our whole personality and character.
The human mind has the magical ability to absorb ideas, feelings, vibrations that it is exposed to. The intellect has the ability to sift what is offered and accept what is desirable. However, the human intellect is now rusted because it has been lying unused since long due to persistent passive thinking. As such, our mind is very very vulnerable to what it is offered. Creative content has the power to draw our attention, engage our mind and subsequently affect our mindset.
A creation is only as good as the creator. A creative person may not necessarily be a virtuous, happy or peaceful person. Any creation, whether a book or a video or an audio is a product of the mind of the creator. The values, belief systems, perspective, ideas and opinion of the creator are reflected in the creation. We become as we see, hear, read and consequently think. Creative people can wreak havoc with the world. They have the ability to drape the most vicious of ideas into beautiful and attractive robes of expression, lure the mind of the viewer and leave it altered, while the one who watches is oblivious.
It is very important to watch what I watch now because what I watch now is affecting how I would watch anything henceforth. It is affecting my entire thought process.

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