Boarding the Flight of Consciousness to Reach Higher Attitudes

Points to Ponder: July 17, 2018
When I feel hot, I feel like taking a flight and going to higher altitudes because the higher you go, the cooler it gets. Paradoxically enough, the higher you go, the closer you are to the sun but instead of getting hotter, it only gets cooler. The higher you go, the lesser the air pressure and hence cooler one feels. So one can escape heat by shifting to higher altitudes. Changing spaces can change external atmosphere. I can move from arid landscapes to lush green planes by boarding the train. I can move from heat to cold and snow by shifting altitudes.
But what do I do to change the inner landscape? How do I shift from peacelessness to peace, from unhappiness to happiness? Does this also happen simultaneously as we shift places? As much as we would like to think and believe that an attitudinal shift and an altitudinal shift are concurrent, experience says that it is not so when observed over long time periods. Then what do you do to shift the inner atmosphere?
One needs to transcend planes of consciousness in order to experience increasingly peaceful states. It is by taking the flight of consciousness that I can reach dimensions where the pressure of body consciousness is lower and it feels more peaceful. For this, I need to pack up my mind from where I am now and orient it to a world of peace beyond. I need to trust God, the pilot and believe that I am approaching the world of light. I need to detach my consciousness from the here and now and anchor it to a world that is resonating with peace. Slowly, I reach that world of light. I alight there as a small star. I am one with the new world. This world is still, silent and peaceful. I stay there as long as I can afford to. I come back recharged and rejuvenated.

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