Surrender is the Key to Happiness

Points to Ponder: July 18, 2018
Surrender does not mean surrendering action. Usually surrender is equated with inaction. However, it is not so. Surrender means surrendering ego. It implies moving from reaction to proaction. Ego is identification with the outer self. When I identify with something, I give it the power to affect me. The outer is always subject to change. Just take a moment and reflect on whether any aspect of your outer self is immutable? Your body, terms of your relationships, accomplishments and everything else that you usually identify with is subject to change. When I identify with something that is mutable, my state of mind will always be in a flux. Fear and worry shall always be prominent aspects of my personality. If we closely observe, our whole life today, every action is nothing but just a reaction to external change.
Surrendering ego means that I stop to identify with the outer self. I identify with the being within. The being within is happy, peaceful. That is the original design. The being is governed by universal laws. The laws are also designed to bring benefit to me. I start trusting the design of the universe. I understand that I cannot control everything and that is ok. I need not control everything. I understand that it is my job to do my best given the limitations. I understand that certain limitations shall persist and that is ok. I need to identify what can be changed and what cannot be changed. I need to accept what cannot be changed and do my best despite that. My outer self is external to me. It need not be perfect in order that I give my best. My outer self is a product of my inner self and not vice versa. My will, my courage, my understanding of my inner strength can drive me regardless of the state of the external. I understand that I am happy regardless of the external. I understand that happiness is not a product of external well being. It is my essence. This understanding helps me realise my inner potential for constant happiness and also helps me create a future external happy reality for myself despite the limitations in the present time.

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