Lets Spend Some Time With The Real Me

Points to Ponder: July 19, 2018
Take out some time today. Sit quiet. Allow your body to relax. Take some deep breaths. Let the tension on every part of your body ease out. Just watch your mind for some time. Let the thoughts come and go. Do not resist them. Do not engage with them either. Just let them come and go. Sit back and observe. As you do so, your mind starts to quieten. Now visualize yourself sitting in the center of a small room. That room is full of soothing white light. The walls of the rooms have many hangers. You are right in the center. Now start to detach from layers of your ego one at a time and very neatly place them on the hangers around. Start with your attainments. Detach from whatever you consider as yours because you acquired it. Just create the thought “This is what I have, not who I am” and neatly place it on the hanger. Move on to your professional identity. Create a thought, “This is what I do, not who I am” and neatly detach from that as well. Then move on to the place where you stay, the religion you follow or your national identity and detach from each one by one and as you do so, you feel lighter and move closer to your identity as a point of light.
The star within has begun to shine. Now move on to your relationships and create a thought, “This is my role, not me“. I am not a mother or son or friend, I am a star performing these roles. Now detach from your  memories and desires. And tell yourself “I am not what happened to me, I am not what I want either“. I am peace. I am content. I am happy. Slowly move to your physical identity and detach from your identification with your height, weight, the color of your skin, shape of your body and just create a thought, “This is my body, not me” and shed your body and place it on the hanger.  As you do so, your gross body is replaced by a body of light with the star shining in the center of the forehead. This body of light is made of light and is very light. It is vibrating with pure energy. It is resonating with good wishes and feelings. Your eyes emit rays of love and your are brimming with the energy of acceptance and love for all. Just let this real you persist.

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