Do You Interact With the Person or the Behavior ?

Points to Ponder: July 23, 2018
Do you interact with the person or the behavior? The behavior is not the person. The behavior is an offshoot of the state of the person. When the person is weak, the behavior is bad. If you see the bad behavior, it evokes a reaction, if you see the weak person behind, it evokes compassion. Let us take an example to understand this. Your vase broke while your servant was carrying it from one room to the other. This makes you mad and you shout at the servant. But then you realize that he is suffering from fever and suddenly you forget the vase and are concerned about him. Your focus shifts from his intention and action to his state of health and you understand that he is weak and unless he is strong, what he does cannot be flawless.
Similarly, when one is spiritually weak, their thoughts, words and actions are not proper. A person comes across as egotistical or angry because of lack of spiritual strength. Reacting to the behavior is no use because the behavior is just the symptom. The real illness is spiritual weakness. Just like the body is made up of earth, water, fire, ether and air, the soul is made up of peace, purity, love, bliss and power. Just like a weak body has to be fed, oxygenated, hydrated or kept warm, a weak soul has to be loved, cared, respected, understood, and recharged with vibrations of peace, purity and power. Understanding the problem behind the symptom saves our energy because we have been constantly trying to improve behaviors by reacting to them. Understanding that the behavior is not the problem, spiritual weakness is and trying to make efforts to improve spiritual health by extending unconditional and constant love, compassion, care and respect can actually bring this world to a state where every soul is healthy, and ignorant of ego and anger. This is perhaps why it is said ignorance is bliss.

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