Let Me Go Back To Becoming A Seed

Points to Ponder: July 25, 2018
Yesterday we discussed how each one of us is running on empty and seeking from the other. In an attempt to find a way out of this predicament, let us begin with a story today. This is the story of the seed. The seed came from the tree. The seed was complete in itself. It needed nothing. It could continue to be a seed. It had no desire to be sown either. But it had the capacity to be a tree. It had the capacity to provide what mankind needed. It had the latent potential to become a generous tree and provide the world with shade, fruit, freshness and wood. That would not be possible when it was a seed. So it was sown. It grew into a beautiful, bountiful tree. It blossomed and made the world happy. It filled the world with its abundance. Then slowly it started getting old and it started withering. Now, the only way to continue was to give birth to new seeds and continue as the seed.
This is the story of the soul. The soul is the seed. This journey of earth has left us old and worn out. We are constantly trying to

Sprouting-Seed (1)

supplement ourselves with physical, emotional and mental inputs but it does not look sustainable. It is like old age. It is the old age of the soul.  The only way to continue is to again start from the beginning. The only way to continue is to again become a seed. We again need to become a seed and just like all other things, becoming has to start with consciousness. We need to go back to the consciousness that I am a seed. Despite the hurt, expectations, guilt, shame, fear, just let me take moments in the day and come to the awareness of being a seed. Let me remind myself that I am complete. Let me invoke my potential generosity. Let me tell myself that in my seed stage I have the potential of being a giver. That I am actually the unmanifest benevolent tree in my original stage. Let me emerge the potential within. This new emergence, this new resurgence of my latent benevolence has the power to merge the seeker, beggar in me. In this new awakening, I start shifting from being a seeker to a giver. When I become a giver, the seekers can fill from me. And slowly, just like we light one diya with the other during deepavali, we can all become complete and radiate the light of contentment.

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