Is Love Not Enough?

Points to Ponder: July 26, 2018
Once I asked a small kid what his favorite game was and he replied cricket. His eyes gleamed with joy and he instantly hit some imaginary ball in the sky with his imaginary bat. There was another kid, a little older in age, who mocked at him and said, ” you are such a fool! You do not know how to play cricket and u say you love the game!” The younger one became sad. Is it necessary to know everything about what you love or be proficient in what you love? Is it not enough to love?
I would also relate to you another situation. My friend was in love with someone. She was on seventh heaven. I had never seen her happier. She was glowing and rejoicing. But that was not enough. She could not wait to let him know. It had to be expressed. Then she ran and let the other person know and it didn’t end even there. Now she heart-shaped-earth-light-burst-divine-lovewaited for him to respond. So love was not enough, expressing it wasn’t enough either and now it had to be reciprocated and when it was not, she lost what she experienced in love. We think love is not enough. There is an urge to possess or master the object of our love, whether it be a person, a thing, a place or anything else. And the fact that you loved and you possessed is also not enough. Then they must love you back also. And in all this calculation, that pure love is lost.
Believe me, love is enough. Love is pure energy, full of good wishes that you radiate to the other. Love is the vibration of respect and acceptance that you send out to the other. Love need not be requited. Love itself is fulfilling. When you love, you create the energy that you radiate to the other. In creation you experience it first hand. And the law of energy is the universe reflects it back to you. So love is enough. You are enough. You are enough when you understand you are a being of love.

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