Please don’t please GOD. He is never displeased.

Points to Ponder: July 30, 2018
We all pray to God. We cry, beg, plead and say have mercy, my Lord. We ask God to remove our sorrows and bless us. And yes God is hailed as the benevolent one, He has always been upheld as the bestower of happiness. But in all of this, there is one mistake that we commit. We tend to think that God, along with being the bestower of happiness is also the giver of sorrow. We start thinking that God has given me sorrow or punished me because He is annoyed with me and so when He is pleased with me, He will just remove the spell of sorrow He has cast on me because this spell has been cast by Him. So we attempt to please God. We make efforts to please Him by singing hymns in His praise, we offer jewels and riches and fruits to Him. We follow rituals and donate to please the displeased God.
Today we must stop for a a moment and check our belief that God is displeased and God must be pleased. Is God not known as the Ocean of happiness? God is the only one who is every happy, ever blissful. In Indian tradition He is known as “Anand SIMG-20180730-WA0017_01 (1)waroop” which means ever blissful. It is the quality of God to never be displeased. So this whole attempt of pleasing God is futile because He is not displeased in the first place. Nothing and no one has the capacity to displease Him. No human action can change God’s state from ever blissful to something else. So we do not need to please God.
Also, we do not need to live our whole life in the fear of earning the wrath of God. The cause of human suffering is negative karma. What we need to do instead is do better karma but before that we need to educate ourselves about karma.
Tomorrow we will explore more on this.

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