From Blues to Bliss

Points to Ponder: July 31, 2018
Yesterday we explored that God is not the giver of sorrow. But God is the remover of sorrow. It is often thought that one who gives the pain can only give solace. So if God is not the giver of pain, how can He be the giver of solace? To solve this riddle, we first need to understand what is the cause of our suffering? But even before getting to the cause of suffering let us understand what suffering is. Suffering is the state where the soul is in discomfort. Now why is the soul in discomfort? Because it is away from its original state. The original state of the soul is knowledge, peace, purity, love,happiness, bliss and power. When we are away from this state, we suffer. Now what takes us away from this state? It is our attachment to people, places, things and identities. People, places, things and identities are ephemeral. Their very nature is they are mutable. All things in the physical dimension are changeable. They can never stay the same. We have all heard that ” Change is the only constant” so people, places, things and identities must change. But the problem is we are attached to them and we do not want them to change. Hence the fear. We are aversive to the idea of their change and hence we doubt. We resist their change and hence the reactions of greed, ego, criticism and attachment when we are threatened by the possibility of their change. Also the endless sorrow and complaint, the broken hearts and the mistrust and grief when they do inevitably change. So all human suffering is due to attachment. The attachment to what is not me. The attachment to what is not immutable.
Now, how is God the remover of sorrow? God educates me about who I am and who I am not. God, my father is bodiless, free from physical social, religious, professional and all other identities. God is kindest, most loving and most compassioimagesnate but not attached to people, places and things. He is conscient, thinks, feels, experiences but is not attached. His feelings are independent of behaviors and situations and that is why no one and nothing has the power to displease Him. I am God’s child. It is by understanding my true nature as God’s child and connecting with him, Keeping him in my heart that His company colours me and I go back to my original state where I am without sorrow. I am bliss.

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