What is the Opposite of Success?

Points to Ponder: August 1, 2018
It is mostly thought that failure is the opposite of success but that is not true. Failure is a part of the journey to success. The opposite of success is actually giving up. As long as you don’t give up you never fail. You only get acquainted with the different faces of failure until you have known them all and they can no longer deceive you. Failure has the latent capacity to deceive you into believing that you cannot succeed. It is very good at it. It nearly convinces you that success is not your cup of tea but it is like a “Paper Tiger”. If you get deceived, you run away. You stop trying. But if you move with courage, come close enough to confront it, you realise it is lifeless. But you must have the courage to look into its eyes otherwise it is very difficult to identify that it is lifeless. You must have the understanding that if I don’t fight it I can’t get the better of it. You must also have the faith that if I fight it, I will win.2403148199_1284b0edbc_o21
The proficiency of an effort maker does not lie in not failing. It lies in bouncing back. When I fail, it hurts. It hurts my ego. It is against my idea that I can never fail but fail I must. I must know failure before I taste success. Because if I don’t know it earlier, I would know it later which is worse. Failure on the journey is better than failing after reaching the top. It is also a good idea to rename failure as becoming experienced. Experience is necessary. I must know three different ways to solve the same puzzle. But I shall never know the two other ways unless I fail in the first. Failure makes you experienced. It makes you adept at what you do. Do not detest it. Do not fear it. Face it. Overcome it and emerge a winner.

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2 thoughts on “What is the Opposite of Success?

  1. mind opener message didi. Well put in…loved reading. I do fear facing the failures. Now I understand giving up is the real failure…

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