Settling Karma

Points to Ponder: August 31, 2018
We have travelled a long journey with humans on this planet. We have taken several costumes one after the other and engaged with other fellow humans on the planet. In this process of engaging and disengaging, meeting and separating, giving and taking, we have created several karmic accounts. Every time we came into interaction with each other under the influence of lust, ego, anger, attachment and greed, we created a negative karma for ourself. We are carrying residues in the form of pending karmic settlements with us at this points of time. This is the only time to finish those residues. It is now or never. The method to settle is very interesting. Negative karma is performed when we become body conscious. Lust, ego, anger, attachment and greed are products of body consciousnessimages. When we come into contact with souls who are body conscious, we become body conscious ourselves. It is contagious. Just experiment with this and you would see it obviously how ego in one arouses ego in the other and it is the same for every other vice as well.
The way out is to make contact with the one who is soul conscious. God is the only one who is always soul conscious because He never takes a body of his own. He stays out of the cycle of birth and death. Hence, He is completely free from body consciousness and that is why He is the ocean of knowledge, purity, peace, love, happiness, bliss and power. It is noteworthy that God is also neither a He nor a She nor an It as these are body specific. God does not have a body or a gender but because we do not have a pronoun for someone who does not have a body, we use He. So when we deal with, come into contact with, build a relationship with the ever soul conscious, His company colours us and we also became soul conscious and stop operating under the influence of vices. Then when unfavourable states of heath or people or situations, which are a product of past negative karma come up for settlement, We deal with them with and attitude of knowledge and a heart full of purity, peace and love and they stay for the time they have to and then we do away with them. In this manner we slowly and gradually settle everything that comes up for settlement.

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