Just say “I want to do it”

Points to Ponder: September 14, 2018
You are where you belong. You are the only one suited to play the role that you have been entrusted with. You have all the capabilities required to play your role. The strength, the zeal, the skill, the perseverance and the entire spectrum of requirements of the role you are entrusted with lie latent within you. But when you are in resistance, you are not able to tap into that latent potential. When you are in resistance things seem impossible. You have the capacity to deal with what you are served with, and not just deal with it but nurture it and help it evolve but you resist it and when you resist, your potential remains untapped. You can do it, you alone can do it but you cant do it because you think you cant do it or you don’Know-Your-Role-and-Stick-to-itt want to do it. Your biggest challenge is to take it up in a zealous way. Your biggest challenge is to say “I want to do it” because as soon as you want to do it, the potential required to do it gets unleashed. Then there is no stopping you. Life is presenting us with only that which we can do. And that we have to do anyways. We have to take life as it comes. There isn’t a choice in that. But we have to decide to not resist and just shift our energy from ” I have to although I don’t want to ” to “I so much want to” and just see how things that needed so much effort suddenly become a child’s play and the game that appeared like not your game becomes the game you excel at.

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