I am happy

Points to Ponder: October 6, 2018

Yesterday we were trying to find out if our approach to finding happiness is flawed. Today we will try to explore what is happiness. Let’s begin with a small example. Suppose you get a present from someone. Your eyes see the present and your mind feels happiness but it is for us to check whether the present caused the happiness or when I saw the present, my intellect and the programming that is wired into my intellect said that ‘if somebody gives me a present, then they love me and if I am loved by someone then it is reason to be happy’. So our mind actually doesn’t feel happiness because of what we see or hear or perceive through any other sense but it rather feels happiness because when we perceive something through our sense organ, our intellect interprets it and that interpretation causes us to feel happiness. So it is basically our inner programming that causes our mind to feel happiness because even when there is no sense perception as in the case where something happened in the past or we are thinking about a future event that has not yet occurred,  even that has the capacity to make me happy or sad depending on how I think about it. So it does not matter if am perceiving something right now or not.
Experience is a phenomena which takes place in the mind and depends on the intellect. It is interesting to explore if we could hold in our intellect ideas that would stimulate the mind to feel happy.  If I feed my intellect with the knowledge that I am a happy soul, that my basic quality is happiness and I do not need any external stimulus to be happy, then my mind is able to feel that happiness in spite of no other stimulus on the external front. An intellect filled with positive, powerful, purposeful and true ideas based on spiritual wisdom that tell us that basically we are happy beings is capable of exporting us into a perennial state of happiness. Understanding these spiritual truths through Rajyog education and making them a part of my awareness through the practice of meditation is the key to happiness.  Happiness is not a fleeting emotion experienced through sense perception but a state of mind realised through spiritual awareness.

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