New Beginnings

Points to Ponder: January 29, 2019

It is close to a month past new year and today I was reflecting on how much I have been able to bring into practice the promises I made to myself on new year. And I realized I haven’t been very successful in keeping my promises. Then suddenly it occurred to me as to why I need to wait for a new year or a new month or for that matter a new day to start anew? Every second is an opportunity to start anew. After all, who is it that brings the shadow of the past second into the new second? I am the one responsible for that. I am the one who allows the hurt, failure, loss, doubt, shame, guilt, fear, hate, complaint, criticism of the past second to colour the present one. I am the one who carries what is gone by into what is because of my ego and attachment. I am the one who does not let go because I value my ego more than my happiness.upliftingquotesaboutnewbeginnings
So today morning I decided to choose happiness over everything else. I decided to choose to let go and be free from self inflicted sorrow. As I am growing, I realize that the only thing that matters is my feelings every moment. All else is transient. The only wealth you ever have is the experience of the moment and the treasure of cherished memories. And I have a choice to live life king size. So what is stopping me? Its time for new beginnings.

One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. Very true. Present is indeed God’s greatest gift to us and we should learn to live it fully. Forget the past as we can’t change it and not worry and speculate about the times to come. Make the best of this very second as the next may not come. Thank the creator with every breath and do our best.


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