To be or Not to be

Points to Ponder: January 30, 2019
Is the question really whether to be or not to be? Is it not that “I am”. Do I really have a choice of whether to be or not be since I am a being. Even when I not in the human body, I am still the being. The being is forever. I am forever. I once came across an advertisement that says “A diamond is forever” and I wondered whether it was really talking about the diamond that I am because it is I, the diamond, the being of light, that is forever. I may be here or there, with a body or without a body, I may do or not do, but I never cease to be. I eternally am. pear-cut-loose-diamond
However, I may be a conscious being or an unconscious being. I may be conscious about the being that I am or sometimes slip into oblivion about my essence. In that state of oblivion, I may completely disregard my virtues and my powers, my capabilities and my responsibilities as a being. And I may move from giving to seeking, I may move from being empowered and radiating power to craving power. I may start identifying with what I do and what I have and I may even contemplate whether to be or not to be but as soon as I wake up from my sleep of oblivion, I know I am and that I am worthy. I am a precious diamond that is capable enough of radiating what it takes to light up the whole universe. I am the conscient light that lightens and brightens up the universe. I am and I am worthy. Living consciously is the way to be. Knowing my worth is the way to be. I do not have a choice whether to be or not to be but I have a choice to live my life consciously or unconsciously and that is what determines whether I am an asset or a liability. I do not have a choice about whether to live or die, I only have a choice about whether to spread liveliness around or be a dead weight. Being in the consciousness of the material limits my capacity to be. Being self aware of the beauty, love, peace and strength that I hold in my being makes me a vital force. 
So the question is how to be? And each one must answer that question for himself because in this last scene on this stage of the world this is the quintessential question that determines the road ahead.

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