Watch out for your karmic footprint

Points to Ponder: January 31, 2019

We are all living our life in reaction mode these days. Whenever we do something, whether, it is a thought, word or an act, it usually has its cause in what happened the last second, minute or the last time. Rarely do we take cognizance of the choice we have about our actions in the present moment. But what we should never forget is that all our reactions are actually actions that have serious karmic consequences. 02252015-leave-footprints-that-inspire-csli
Let us take an example. Suppose I got late in the traffic and am in great hurry to reach the office to be present for a scheduled meeting. In such a state, the gatekeeper greets me very nicely but I instead shout at him because the lift is not working. He tries to explain but I again hurl abuses beacuse I am so irked up due to the previous chain of events. I do not even stop to see how the person felt in that moment. It is a fact that when we are not in our best state of mind, our thoughts, words and behavior also follow suit. At that moment we are incapable of compassion and peace and it appears natural to be otherwise but however natural it may appear to me, such actions leave a scar on the heart of the other. And they feel the pain even after we have left and sometimes for really long periods and whenever they replay the scene of our behavior on the screen of their mind, they relive the pain and we, in turn receive each and every vibration that echoes from that bruised heart. This is the simple reason why we receive waves of sorrow and gloom many a times during the day, when for no rhyme or reason, we experience a sudden dip in our levels of positivity and enthusiasm. We are living at a time when the karmic burden we are carrying is already very heavy. Let us be very watchful of each of our karmic footprint as we cannot afford to burden ourselves anymore.
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