Criticizing Criticism Makes Me Critical

Points to Ponder: February 1, 2019

We have all heard of the saying that when you point a finger towards the other, three fingers actually point towards you. This is a very powerful realization. I have often realized that when we judge someone or disapprove of his ways, it makes us really miserable inside. For example, if a friend keeps complaining about her boss for really long and she’s getting bitter and angry and you start disapproving of her attitude and you wish that she should be more patient and have a little acceptance but she refuses to listen to you and just keeps complaining, you actually start getting more bitter and angry at her than she is at the boss. 
It is very interesting to notice that when we disapprove of someone’s criticism of the other, we are actually being very critical ourselves. Criticizing criticism and preaching acceptance is what we do most of the times for others but in that moment our very energy is that of criticism and we are very far from acceptance. We cannot preach what we ourselves do not practice. Acceptance cannot be taught through criticism. I can teach acceptance only when I am the embodiment of the virtue of acceptance. image_criticism-is-not-feedback.jpg
Can I actually hear someone out without being judgmental about them? Can I constantly radiate the energy of love and peace by holding acceptance and regard in my heart for the one who is complaining? Can I just not be colored by him and instead color him by staying true to my essence of love and respect? And if I can do all of this, I will not have to ask him to stop complaining. I would instead be powerful enough to uplift them from that state.

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