The Law of Belief

Points to Ponder: February 4, 2019

I would like to relate to you an incident that someone on the spiritual path once shared with me. She is a mother of two kids and and her children used to give her a really hard time in the morning. First they wouldn’t wake up and when they did, they would not get ready for school and would fight between themselves and throw tantrums and she really dreaded the mornings. Then she was introduced to the fact that our external world is a mirror image of our internal world and that if she could create the scene of a beautiful and organised morning in her mind with utter conviction, it would manifest as the reality. She found the idea interesting and thought of experimenting with it. In the early morning meditation that she had been introduced to, she refreshed her mind and starting planting seeds of an organised and peaceful morning where her children were at their best and order prevailed in the house. To her surprise, everything went exactly as conceived in the meditation and the day was marvellous. Then she replicated the same thing next morning but to her disappointment, it did not so happen next day and she was perplexed. Now she went to seek an answer to this riddle to her mentor and the mentor asked a simple question. She asked what did u think for the whole day when things were going as planned? Did you constantly create thoughts like this is too good to be true and how is that even possible and I hope this pattern sustains but it seems impossible? And she said yes. face-1370955_1920-300x200
This brought her to a very deep realisation that we sometimes do not really believe in the reality that we want to create. We want something but we are seldom convinced that that state is achievable. The law of belief states that whatever we believe shall manifest itself so if we believe that nothing was, is or can be perfect, it shall never be. We are all striving for perfection, whether it be a perfect internal world full of peace and happiness or a perfect external world full of health, wealth, happiness and good relationships but if we do not believe in its possibility, we cannot bring about its existence. Spirituality educates us that the original design of all beings and things is perfect and this present state of imperfection is the product of wear and tear through time. So holding this piece of spiritual information in our heart is the prerequisite to all hope of creating a better reality.

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