Losing what you never had

Points to Ponder: February 13, 2019

All sense of loss is born out of a false sense of ownership. Suppose you visit a shopping mall and see this pretty white coat on the display. You instantly like it and in your mind u have already possessed it and are now wearing it and also flaunting it to your friends. Now you go asking for it in the shop and they tell you that its not for sale. You insist on having it but they refuse to sell it. You come back with a sense of loss and disappointment for something you never had. This brings us to a very important question. One has to think deeply whether all possessions are in the mind or has it got something to do with the external reality? Do we really own something or someone? Does something or someone ever really belong to us or is it just in our mind that we possess people and things? And if we never own anything or anyone how can we ever lose them? So is all sense of loss simply born out of false sense of ownership?102012414_univ_lsr_xl
Just perform a simple exercise today. Sit comfortably on a seat and mentally visualise all the people, places and things that you think belong to you. And very deeply ask yourself one question. What amongst all of this is never going to change or perish? And you know that not a single one of them is immutable or imperishable. Each one has a journey of their own. We never own or possess anything because ownership means they behave in accordance with your wish but nothing ever does. We are all on a journey. People, places and things are all on a journey. We never belong to anyone or anything neither does anything or anyone ever belong to us. We just cross paths for sometime. And while our paths cross, we create this illusion of ownership and when its time to bid adieu we experience loss. But they were never meant to stay. This simple realisation can save us most of our grief and agony arising out of a false sense of loss. 

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