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Stop seeking blessings from the other, start earning them in your own right…

Points to Ponder: June 13, 2018 Sometimes people search for great souls and go to them seeking blessings. And yes the capacity to bless someone is a great capacity of a human being. Souls who have made an effort to increase their potential peace, love, purity, bliss and power are special and where they live, they

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The Journey From Dependence to Independence

Points to Ponder: June 12, 2018 All journeys start in the mind. Today we shall perform the journey from dependence to independence. This journey starts from the point of dependence and proceeds to independence. Let me discern my present state. It is a state of dependence. The dependence that we are talking about here is

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Spiritual Footprints

Points to Ponder: June 6, 2018 We have all heard about carbon footprints and environmental footprints and yesterday on the occasion of world environment day, heard quite a few deliberations on these. Infact it was yesterday that it occurred to me that one must also consider one’s spiritual footprints. This universe consists of souls, matter and

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